Precision Machining


We can provide Casting and CNC Machining

From the purchase of iron and aluminum materials to the comprehensive management of processing and assembly. Using the advantages of precision casting and precision parts, we will realize your own high-quality products.

CNC Machining

Our company integrates all contents from material purchase to processing and assembly, and one-stop for your products to achieve high-precision, high-quality products.

processing and assembly

01|One-stop shop.

From the purchase of iron and aluminum materials to the comprehensive management of processing and assembly

When purchasing parts for each material and process from multiple companies, it requires not only a lot of time and energy, but also a lot of production time, as well as specification and quality coordination in the development stage. After we understand the function and quality of the final product, we will propose the best solution.

CNC Machining

02|Flexible production

Multi product production, small batch to large batch

Due to the flexible production system tempered by the manufacturing of motorcycles and aviation parts, it is also the company's great specialty. From a variety of small-scale production to large-scale production of auto parts, it corresponds to a wide range of production plans of your company.

CNC Machining

03|Parts supply

We can provide high quality unit parts

According to the skills and experience accumulated in precision casting and precision machining, we can provide the unit parts produced under the comprehensive management system. High quality helps improve the competitiveness of your products.

Service process

First, tell us what you want to achieve. From material selection to delivery, we will work together to meet your expectations.

Casting Service Process CNC Machining Service process

Main materials available

We will show you the materials we are good at. Please feel free to contact us for iron and aluminum materials not included below.

Product classification 【carbon steel】S20C ・ S35C ・ S45C
[Gear steel] KKG8FR ・ M DSG3 ・ M DSG4
[Chromium molybdenum steel] SCM415 / SCM420 / SCM435
[cast iron] FC250 / FCD500 / FCD600
[Carbon steel tube] STKM17ASC / STKM17CSC
[Stainless steel] SUS304 / SUS630
Aluminum ADC3/ADC12/ADC14

Our most popular products

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